Fortis vs Glass.Mapper (part 2)

Will add more performance test results today between Fortis, Glass.Mapper and plain Sitecore API for most common operations with Sitecore items. Will probably start from results and then explain them below. Tests were executed on the same Sitecore master database on 100000 items of same "Content Page" template. Get Item - here I have been using … Continue reading Fortis vs Glass.Mapper (part 2)


Fortis vs Glass.Mapper (part 1)

Today, if I start googling on how to map Sitecore temlates to .net classes I will definitely find Glass.Mapper framework at the very top of the search. It has become a standard now - if you are planning a big Sitecore implementation you definitely need to use Glass.Mapper. But is that the best tool for solving these … Continue reading Fortis vs Glass.Mapper (part 1)