Sitecore and SimpleInjector issues with WFFM

I am using Simple Injector as an IoC framework on my Sitecore pojects. And what I faced recently is that Sitecore modules like FXM, WFFM do not work properly. The reason of that is the default Simple Injector implementation regarding constructor resolution behavior. Lots of Sitecore classes like Controllers implemented the way that they have … Continue reading Sitecore and SimpleInjector issues with WFFM


Sitecore Cache Key Profiling

Not sure what's the problem with your Sitecore rendering cache setup? Since Sitecore 8 version has been released I have been experiencing issues with caching. First is that one I described earlier, then I figured out that one of my renderings is being placed inside of another and it applies caching from the parent rendering … Continue reading Sitecore Cache Key Profiling

@Html.Sitecore().Rendering(pathOrId) does not apply “VaryBy” settings

This week I have faced with one unexpected issue in Sitecore 8.1. We are declaring few renderings on the layout using the Rendering method of the SitecoreHelper class in Sitecore.Mvc.dll. The issue can be reproduced by setting the "Cacheable" to true and applying the "VaryBy" settings. In result I can see that the "Cacheable" is … Continue reading @Html.Sitecore().Rendering(pathOrId) does not apply “VaryBy” settings

Fortis & Sitecore Tutorial 2 – Renderings

Let's continue... Today will demonstrate a simple and convenient way of implementing Sitecore renderings which Fortis provides out of the box. The latest Fortis version is built to support Sitecore MVC rendering types. View Renderings Controller Renderings You are more than welcome to organize your razor views the usual way, but in the demo solution … Continue reading Fortis & Sitecore Tutorial 2 – Renderings